Activities and Goals

A place for learning, creating and sharing

Vašulka Kitchen Brno provides the public with the opportunity to attend lectures, symposia, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, projections and performances to enhance local awareness of Vašulkas‘ work in the development of domestic and international collaboration with similar institutions, media artists, historians and curators of new art media. All of this is done with one aim: to support the contemporary art scene.

Vašulka Kitchen Brno provides access to Vašulka's digital archive and mediatheque. In cooperation with Vašulka Chambre, of the Icelandic National Gallery, it takes care of archives, works of art and documentary materials by Vašulkas, continues to map and reflect their work, as well as the works of other artists from the field of video art and new media art. It also provides background for researchers, educators and curators, and initiates research projects.

Since the beginning of their creative career, Vašulkas have been collecting material relating to the activities of the founding generation of videoart. They collected works, instruments and texts of various kinds. Other artists, such as Peter Crown, David Dunn, Ralph Hocking, Sherry Miller, Phil Morton, Lynda Rodolitz, Jud Yalkut, and Gene Youngblood, contributed to their archive. Initially, the archives were built in their studios and dwellings, later these were moved on‑line. The on‑line archive of Vašulkas allows searching in digitized archival records. It contains photos, grant requests, schedules, letters, posters, programs, text conversations, exhibition catalogues, and video snippets. There are approximately 27,000 pages of documents in total.

Photo documentation: Barbora Trnková, Vašulka Kitchen Brno 2020

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The Vasulka Kitchen Brno programme is supported by the Statutory City of Brno. 

Vašulkova kuchyňská kniha: Zpráva o probíhajícím projektu (2020)