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Online performance

5. prosince 2020

The artistic sister duo WIDT (Antonina Nowacka, Bogumila Nowacka) will present in Vašulka Kitchen a new solution for their audiovisual performance. The performance will take place live, online.

WIDT is an audiovisual collaboration of two sisters - Antonina Nowacka (voice/live processing) and Bogumila
Nowacka (live visuals). Their works are emerging from the concept of the abstract opera, which is a phenomenon based on the non-verbal narration oscillating between concert, performance, installation and video art. Every performance is applied specifically to the attributes of the certain time and space but also referring to the universal qualities and processes. Using the wide range of voice possibilities and the organic flow of the analogue video feedback in the spirit of minimalism allows to create a dynamic compositions which are simultaneously subtle, elusive and uncompromising.

Sisters are also co-creating an audiovisual band TEYAS with legendary Berlin producer Christoph De Babalon. Their album entitled TEYAS was released in autumn 2018 on Bocian Records. In 2019 they both established a new music band Mentos Gulgendo.

The duo had performed at the most significant festivals of underground and avant-garde music such as: KRAAK Festival [BE], Counterflow Festival [UK], Shiny Toys Festival [DE], UH Festival [HU], UNSOUND Festival [PL], among artists such as Hermann Nitsch, Charlemagne Palestine, David Behrman, Księ życ, Mats Gustafsson, Pierre Bastien, Sue Tompkins, Christoph De Babalon, Benedict Drew, Johannes Bergmark, Raphael Roginski, Francesco Cavaliere.

(text provided by the authors)