Center for New Media Art


Vasulka Kitchen reopens on Thursday, May 13!

Current exhibition: Matthew Ostrowski: Two Women
May 13 – July 8, curator: Marika Svobodová

It is our pleasure to invite you to the current exhibition of an audiovisual artist from New York Matthew Ostrowski that is called Two Women. It introduces two of his video works, in which the artists creatively deconstructs the film medium of two films and its female protagonists: it is the famou silent film Joan of Arc (1928) and Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003). The exhibition will run until July 8, 2021. ⠀

We ask all visitors to abide the safety measures, namely to keep the distance of two meters to other visitors and cover your face with a respirator. The capacity of visitors is limited to one person per 15m2. Thank you.