Taming of the Stream: Performance with(in) protocol

Pilotní projekt vývoje nové online experimentální platformy a softwaru

Artists' mutual contact and physical interaction with the audience are the alpha and omega of live performance art and concerts. The C-19 pandemic made this type of interaction impossible, but it also rooted in Vasulka Kitchen Brno the idea of creating an experimental platform that would allow artists to perform collaborative performances in real time, transmitted at the same moment from different places around the world without unwanted delays. The project is created to support the development of new media art.

Taming of the Stream: Performance with(in) protocol is a pilot project of Vasulka Kitchen Brno and partners for a new online experimental platform and software "noisecrypyt". This will allow simultaneous collaboration and streaming of multiple audio works simultaneously in real time without unwanted latency caused by digital transmission delays. This platform, being developed under the auspices of Vasulka Kitchen Brno from the beginning of 2021, will enable mutual sound interaction, linking of works and organic transformation of compositions into collaborative works broadcast live in a digital environment. This will facilitate the creation of new compositions by artists who would never normally meet. Through streaming, the outputs will reach a wider audience, even in places less traditional for art, such as institutions, social services or hospitals.⠀

In addition to the concrete outputs and performances presented within the project, space will also be dedicated to researching how the possibilities of using streaming can be extended beyond the normal user framework. Besides the obvious experimental artistic nature, the project also has a level of theoretical reflection on approaches and uses of new practices of shared data transmission. The aim of this international project is both to explore different approaches to streaming and to produce and publicly present the resulting audio works. 

How the project will be realized

In the framework of the project, we will present a series of four online events that will take place once a month between September and December 2021. The project is divided into two ideological levels and a series of events. In the first, we develop a digital environment with minimal latency of musical interactions and improvisation that simulates the liveliness of sound performances. The latter will be realized by streaming from different locations. The first part is coordinated by new media and sound art artist Guy Van Belle, who has conducted preliminary research on the technology. The second part will be an invitation to create and explore an experimental approach using the experimental browser "noisecrypt" developed by Louis Foster. The platform reflects the nature of interaction from remote locations by validating the parameters of such exchanges. The data transfer and its programmed environment are integral to the event and the perception of the experience. The events in this series will be coordinated by Michal Mitro.

In addition to streaming, "Noisecrypt" exposes the very data structure of the technology and allows for its extended and creative use. In this context, the stream is not only a mediating technology, but also to some extent a compositional and performative tool. It allows the creation of collage content with a random filter, composed of elements collected from different participants and viewers of the stream, regardless of latency. The audience will thus become part of the stream, during which a complex polyphonic work will be created, unique and individual at any given time. The stream will reflect, among other things, the digital programming environment and the protocols dictating data transmission.
Individual online performances will involve selected musicians, vocalists, sound artists and audio creators in collaboration with partners who will actively and continuously communicate the created streaming platform to their audiences. The streaming events will focus on sonic collaboration using electronic instruments and technologies, improvisation and open situational interpretation of diverse musical approaches, leading to a sustainable space for the generation of new art and new forms of participation, shared with all in our ever-changing and evolving society.

The works that will be created in the project Taming of the Stream will be part of the upcoming sixth edition of Wrong - Biennale of Digital Art in Valencia. With this step, we want to increase the reach of the project, include a public international audience and invite them to participate in the streaming platform. 

Vasulka Kitchen Brno collaborates on the project Confluence of Protocols: the Rules of Simultaneous Streaming with new media and sound art artist Guy Van Belle and software engineer Louis Foster. In addition to Vašulka Kitchen Brno, the project also involves partners Biuru Dźwięku (Katowice), LOM space (Bratislava) and iii-Instrument Inventors Initiative (The Hague) and KRA Rural Arts (Czech Republic). 

Biuro Dźwięku Katowice

LOM space


Local partners
KRA Rural Arts

The guest artists of the individual streams will be, for example, prof. Golo Foellmer (Experimental Radio + Netzmuzik, University of Halle DE), Kirsten Reese (artist, teaches electroacoustic composition at the University of the Arts Berlin, Bern, Darmstadt DE), Camilla Milena Fehér (performer and sound artist, part of Skills from Hamburg and Wien DE / AT), Akihiro Kubota (Tama Art University, Tokyo JP), Dom Leroy (media artist, artistic director of Kermina, an ecological art community in the French Bretagne), Dr. Ing. Bavo Van Kerrebroeck (scientific artist, IRCAM Fr and IPEM Ugent), Slavo Krekovic (art director A4 / AtraktArt, sound artist Bratislava SK), Péter Márton (digital and ecological sound artist Budapest HU), Jano Doe (electronic artist SK / CZ), Marie Čtveráčková / Mary C (electronic artist, art director Synth Lab Prague CZ).

Coordinators: Jennifer Helia DeFelice (Vašulka Kitchen Brno) a Michal Mitro 

Technical support

Gívan Belá (fka Guy van Belle) 

(KRA Rural Arts: Hranice u Malče/Chotěboř/Vysočina/Česká republika) 

Louis Foster 
(Austrálie / Německo) -and-pastime/ perience-and-pastime-workshop-louis-foster/ 

Lloyd Dunn 
(USA / Česka Republika) 

Gabriela Štvrtňová, Silvie Hrdličková