Stanislav Abrahám

Between How? and Why?

Thursday, 27 June, 2019 - 18:00

In cooperation with Noise Kitchen Brno we cordially invite you to the performance of audiovisual performer, sound artist, musician and teacher, living and working in Prague.


Stanislav Abrahám

His activities are straddled between ambient, traditional music and club music, field recordings, radio documentaries, sound installations. As a sound designer, he has worked with a number of artists in various audiovisual projects in the context of dance theater, live cinema, installations, radio programs and mapping. A graduate of the FAMU CAS (Center for Audiovisual Studies), he currently works as a sound designer in Czech Radio.

His performances are currently a combination of ambient soundscapes and field recordings, accompanied by playing a fujara, stones and a modular synthesizer.

His specialty is improvisation with electronic musical instruments, creating soundscapes using sound sampling of real-time objects and materials of daily use. As an independent artist, he performed sound installations in galleries, a radio art composition for Czech Radio, and conceptual work with sound in public space. His main interests include the relationship between human and new media. He is elaborating on this topic in his current video work.