We have several works by the Vašulkas in our exhibition collection that are owned or on permanent loan to the association. Prints from the Lucifer's Commission series from 1977 to 2003, and computer studies from the Triads series from 2003, were printed for Woody's retrospective at the Brno City Museum; also the spatial installation Light Revisited - Noisefields (2001), transforming the original 1974 collaborative video, is a variant assembled for this retrospective exhibition. 

Lucifer’s Commission
Woody Vašulka
1977-2003 (2016)
14 digital prints
100 × 100 cm
owned by the association

A series of scans of computer circuit boards that Woody Vasulka discovered in various stages of destruction in a warehouse in the backyard of his Santa Fe home. The hardware prints, evoking an encyclopedia of digital device components, form a counterbalance to Vasulka's moving and procedural audiovisual works. They can also be read as diagrams depicting the hidden workings of machines. 

Woody Vašulka
2003 (2016)+
digital print
120 x 45 cm
100 x 45 cm

This series of prints depicts manipulated video images that were created using Cover Flow graphic software by artist Andrew Coulter Enright. It serves as a 3D interface that allows for the animated presentation of visual materials stored on a device (photographs, web pages, artwork albums, documents, videos, etc.). The interface evokes an empty scenic space on which images are deflated.

Light Revisited
Woody Vašulka, installation 2001 
+ Noisefields 
Woody and Steina Vasulka, video 1974 

A video-environment created by projecting pulsating circles formed by electronic signals onto the walls of a room, Woody's 3D transformation of their 1974 collaborative video Noisefields (Noise Fields). Noisefields records the birth of a video-image from an electronic signal, it is electronic visual music and a sounding image at the same time. The electronic image is made up of two parts - a circle in the centre and a background filling the rest of the screen. The two components of the image constantly pulse in sync with the sound generated by the activity of the electronic device. One of the parts always displays pulsating colour and the other the rough, unstructured material of the video - the 'video noise'.

In Light Revisited, the spatial projection of the video image is achieved by a set of semi-transparent chromatic mirrors that decompose the image in the RGB colour spectrum and transmit three versions of it onto three projection surfaces situated in space at right angles. The installation provides the immersive experience of being in an environment filled with electronic sound and changing multicolored images that come from a single source.

Loans of works in the VKB fund in 2019

Exhibition Dvě hlavy, čtyři ruce: Tvorba autorských dvojic
curator Emma Hanzlíková, galerie 8smička, Humpolec, 13.9.2018 -13.1.2019 loan of videoVocabulary by Woody Vašulka, 1973 (manipulated video, 4 min.) and Artifacts, 1980 (manipulated video, 23 min.)

Exhibitions Sounds/Codes/Images
curator Jitka Hlaváčková, 5.6 -13.10. 2010 
loan of the installation by Woody Vašulka Light Revisited, 2001, with a collective video Noisefields by Woody and Steina Vašulka, 1974