Plechy & neplechy / TERÉN - pole performativního umění

Válek / Komarova/ Merta

Wednesday, 24 June, 2020 - 19:00

Terrain in cooperation with Vašulka Kitchen and Bastl Instruments invites you to an evening Plechy and Neplechy, organized in the framework of the current exhibition Petr Válek in Vasulka Kitchen Brno. The evening is also an opportunity for the launch of Petr Válek's catalog, published in an limited edition of 100 pieces including the "Vape Lost Piano Recordings" CD for a special reduced price.

The concert takes place in the Centrum experimentálního divadla
Zelný trh 9
602 00 Brno

The works of Petr Válek, Ondřej Merta and Marie Komarová reflects musical, performative and installation situation.

Petr Válek born in 1976, trained as a stonemason and worked as a nurse in a home for the elderly. He currently lives as a practising artist. Since his childhood, Válek has worked vehemently on his creative activities, which include painting, drawing, book illustration, and music. Presently, he has begun to build (and deconstruct) mechanical and electro-mechanical musical instruments or self-propelled kinetic objects, constructed from found household items. He also performs as Der Marebrechst — a bizarre noise musician and crazy inventor, regularly publishing short "tutorial" videos recorded in his home studio, or in nature on Youtube or more recently on Facebook

Ondřej Merta is a musician / preacher embedded in an environment of industrial solitude. The word in the space without people seems inappropriate, which naturally led to the appropriation of music for the needs of the liturgy, the gospel. The themes of preaching, which are naturally formulated in a specific place and time (not to be confused with improvisation), bring a wide range of contexts - from colonialism and post-colonial world order, through deep fascination with creation (more sensibly omnipotent) to purely ontological questions hidden in the veil of existential melancholy.

Maryia Kamarova is a Belarusian artist, currently based in Brussels. She works mainly in the field of postdramatic theatre, but also in sound and visual arts. Most of her works are characterized by using of usual things in unusual contexts with an attempt to change the view/listen-point to the daily life. Everyday aesthetics plays an important role in Maria’s artistic approach. She is getting inspiration in daily events and objects from public and private space. The perception and experience of objects from both points of view of a spectator and a consumer afterwards find a reflection in Maria’s art works. Graduate in Scenography of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, she works for a Brussel’s based platform for sound and media art production. Maria is also a part of several collaborative projects. She is one of co-founders of an International Festival of Performative Art in Minsk (Belarus) Performensk, DIY theatre group PYL and experimental sound duo kaine anung.