Performing Sounds / G99 & Vašulka Kitchen Brno

Thursday, 21 April, 2022 - 18:00 to 22:00

The site-specific musical event in the atypical location of the courtyard of the House of the Lords of Kunštát will present a wide range of approaches in experimental sound creation. The event is partly held in conjunction with the exhibition of the artist duo STRWÜÜ at G99 and the BAiR residency program, whose current participants present a sound-oriented part of their work during the evening.

The composite evening of experimental sound approaches within the Brno Art Week visual art festival is organised by the Brno Artists in Residence project, G99 Gallery and Vasulka Kitchen Brno in cooperation with the Brno House of Arts. 

The instruments and approach of two virtuoso musicians - Aldan Duoraan playing traditional Yakut chomus and Tomas Niesner playing acoustic guitar - may represent two different musical and cultural worlds, but in their collaborative improvised music, their fundamental goal is the search for a common harmony, theme, and language.

The activities of the Chinese-German artistic duo STRWÜÜ (Jo Wanneng & Lukas Fütterer) straddle the boundaries between live improvised music, performance and installation. At the time of the event, it will also be possible to visit their ongoing exhibition Viscosity and Dissociation, or the Sea without Horizon at the G99 gallery (ground floor of the Kunštát House).

The artistic work of current BAiR resident Máté Elod Janky, performing on the music scene under the alias Alley Catss, relates to the experience of virtuality. A representative of current post-ambient experimental club electronic music, he is interested in improvisation, textural thinking, eclecticism and the boundaries of music.

British*artist*Joshua LeGallienne's work explores the intimate relationship between materiality and acoustic sound. Through sculpture, installation or performance, she stages the immediate encounter between sound, physical materials and the environment that surrounds them. Joshua is also a current*resident*in the BAiR program.

The Vašulka Kitchen Brno program is financially supported by the Statutory City of Brno and the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic. This program is a part of visual art festival Brno Art Week 2022, organized annually by TIC Brno and the Department of Art Education, Facullty of Education MUNI in cooperation with Brno galleries, museums and universities.