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Noise Kitchen Brno

Workshops offering

Vašulka Kitchen together with the Bastl instruments team offers workshops focused on electronic musical instruments and their use.

A) For Beginners there is a workshop on sound basics and synthesizer playing. Participants will get to know not only basic concepts but also different types of instruments and their use for making music.

B) The Basic workshop is focused on the basics of playing on a modular system. We dive into sound waves, learn the basics of sound synthesis, and at the end, we will be able to play the modular system. Systems from Bastl will be available.

- Each of these workshops will have a theoretical and practical part - hands-on, where participants try their hand at engaging and playing instruments.

C) The advanced workshop will help you devise and effectively build your own modular system.

Workshops are designed for groups from 8-99+ years.

If you are interested in any of the workshops or have any questions, please contact Nikol Štrobachová: As soon as there is a sufficient number of participants for the workshop, we will announce new dates.