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Multi-Media – Video-Installation-Performance

Autor: Nick Kaye

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: Taylor & Francis, 2007

ISBN: 0203964896, 9780203964897

Počet stran: 272

Multi-Media charts the development of multi-media video, installation and performance in a unique dialogue between theoretical analysis and specially commissioned documentations by some of the world's foremost artists. Nick Kaye explores the interdisciplinary history and character of experimental practices shaped in exchanges between music, installation, theatre, performance art, conceptual art, sculpture and video. 

The book sets out key themes and concerns in multi-media practice, addressing Time, Space, the resurgence of ephemerality, liveness, and 'aura'. These chapters are interspersed with documentary artwork and essays by artists whose work continues to shape the field.

Z textu nakladatele. / From the publisher's abstract.