Jiří Suchánek: Sonification in Sound Art and Music

Online intro to Workshop DATA ORCHESTRA

Friday, 18 December, 2020 - 18:00

Audiovisual artist, Jirí Suchánek, will presentation his work and talk about the Data Orchestra workshop which he will lead in early 2021, the objective of which will be to create an experimental performance based on the conversion of data into sounds and the creation of special sonication tools-prototypes.

Jiří will do his presentation from his SVITAVA studio – transmedia art lab. The live screen will be shared here on the Vasulka Kitchen website and on Facebook. 


Facebook Live Stream

Jiri Suchanek is a Czech sound and media artist, musician and multimedia experimenter focused in building permanent audio-light installations that are usually interactive and placed in natural or public spaces (like a cave, astronomic observatory, bridge…). His artistic approach is synthetic. In his works he is connecting sound, light, sculptural objects, electronics + code with carefully chosen spaces. Through his work he explores relationship between nature, technology and durability of the electronic media in a wild climatic situations. Jiří Suchánek is searching for alternative situations and places for presentation of media art. The center of his works is sound that is expanded or articulated by other media and unexpected social situations. He also performs with his experimental electronic music based on a sonification of atomic data. Jiří Suchánek studied atelier video-multimedia-performance (Keiko Sei, Peter Ronai) at Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology (1999-2005). He attended several workshops and study fellowships – for example CTM MusicMakersHacklab 2014, Timet (Giardino Sonoro de la Limonaia), STEIM (Orientation workshop). Currently he is at fellowship at the Institute of Sonology in den Haag. Since 2009 Jiří works as an assistant at Department of Audiovisual Technology at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno University of Technology where he teaches Audio technology and History of SoundArt. Now he is Ph.D. candidate at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts where he works on thesis “Sonification and Aesthetics of Data-mapping” and teaches “Physical computing – interactive systems”. (from Jiri Suchanek's page)

The planned workshop is focused on becoming acquainted with the principles and history of sonication. Participants will create algorithms converting selected data-sets into sound structures in Pure Data, Max / msp, C ++ environments, work with sensors and microprocessors and become acquainted with the real-time scanning of nature and society. It will be especially useful for experimental musicians, electro-technologists, programmers, mechanics, but also philosophers reflecting on new media, technologies and data. More information forthcoming.

Prezentace se uskuteční s finanční podporou projektu Digitalizace Ministerstva kultury České republiky.