Jakub Krejčí - Dominium

Brno Art Week

Thursday, 25 April, 2019 - 18:30

Vašulka Kitchen in cooperation with Noise Kitchen and Sky To Speak at the 10th anniversary of Brno Art Week. Presentation of media artist Jakub Krejčí, who is using Virtual Reality in the context of live performance. He will present his ongoing immersive spacial environment Dominium, which he is currently preparing for Prague Quadriennale. Jakub also cooperates with music projects and festivals (Sky To Speak, Ba:zel, Festival Spectaculare).

Jakub Krejčí

Krejší was born in Liberec, where he studied at the Technical University, Faculty of Art and Architecture in the studio of prof. Stanislav Zippe. Here he went through spatial, interactive, and digital training, and developing his own style, from spatial installations to digital perspective. He continued his studies in the Center of Audiovisual Studies at  FAMU, where he also developed sound and 3D virtualization works. Jakub Krejčí is currently focusing on audiovisual production using a game engine and also teaching at FAMU.


The Dominium is a project using virtual reality to create a parallel world: there's no day and night, no waking and sleeping. A Being seeks the consequences of its decisions in a silent discussion with both the visited and the non-visited. We find ourselves in the St. Agnes Convent, in the site of a forgotten moment, wandering through a fictional post-apocalyptic city that resembles Prague.

DOMINIUM, Institut intermédií