Grand Opening
Vašulka Kitchen Brno

Center for New Media

Tuesday, 30 October, 2018 - 18:00

Brno House of Arts
Malinovského nám. 2
Grand Opening Program

6–10 PM : Michael Bielický and Kamila B. Richter
Vasulkas Wave

Projection of dynamic algorithmic waves made of a liquid pictogram alphabet – contemporary hieroglyphs. The real-time wave visualizes the data stream from news agencies' servers. The work is inspired by the methods of exploration and sonication of oscilloscope waves in the early works of Woody and Steina Vašulka.


7 PM : Binaura
audiovisual performance, 25 min.
lecture performance, algorithm visualization & sonification

Bricolage is a lecture performance that examines algorithmic thinking in culture, society, art, other representational systems investigating chance operations, ancient permutational methods, cutting-edge machine learning. The goal of this piece is to highlight the very human nature of our existence, where – as opposed to the suggestion of contemporary mainstream computational culture – not everything can be measured, thus not everything is computable.

7:30 PM : Bastl Instruments Collective

Performances based on emphasizing the relationship between the current DIY scene and production using audiovisual synthesizers. Performing artists are inspired by the most important Vašulkas’ works (virtual reality, computer and electronically generated images, sound-generated images), and develop them in the light of current trends in video and live video-performance.

The Sky Speaks

9 PM : Matěj Kotouček/Jakub Krejčí
Sky to Speak
audiovisual performance, 25 min.

An experimental performance mixing ambient music, abstract sound collages and field recordings with the visual setting of an abstract virtual world.

John Dee

9:30 PM : John Dee
electronic music,
30–45 min.

The final performance on a modular synthesizer, dance electronics. Crystalline clear melodies and smart dance beats, and psychedelic ambient as well.

Opening program