ENH x AVA: Brno Open w/ Ankersmit / Vanhoof / Eilbacher / THYME


Saturday, 23 November, 2019 - 15:00

We will sound the former penitentiary on Cejl Brno.

In various rooms and corridors, both compositions and older compositions will be heard, as well as improvisation and electroacoustic projects. Visitors can either listen to individual songs or experience an unusual collage of songs and sounds in a random context in the corridors of the building. Symbolically, by unlocking the cells, we will open the way to less known, forgotten or neglected artists.

Thomas Ankersmit: Perceptual Geography (NL)

Thomas Ankersmit is a musician and sound artist based in Berlin. He plays the Serge Modular synthesizer, both live and in the studio, and collaborates with artists like Phill Niblock and Valerio Tricoli. His music combines intricate sonic detail and raw electric power, with an extremely physical and spatial experience of sound. Acoustic phenomena such as infrasound and otoacoustic emissions (sounds emanating from inside the head, generated by the ears themselves) play a central role in his work, as does a deliberate, creative misuse of the equipment.

Floris Vanhoof: Episodes of Counter Light (BE)

Floris Vanhoof combines homemade musical circuits with abandoned projection technologies for audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music releases.
Translating the one medium to the other to find how our perception operates and which new perspectives appear. He will tour with DIY modular electronics and a new film my modified 16mm film projector that receives alpha brain waves.

This program is supported by the Embassy of Belgium - General Delegation of Flanders.

Max Eilbacher: Episodes of Counter Light (US)

Max Eilbacher is an intermedia artist. His sound practice draws upon European traditions of electroacoustic music, musique concrète composition, and American avant-garde sound performance. Drawing connections between these diverse sources without replicating their gestures, he creates systems in which synthesis and processing-intensive software environments generate complex patterns and timbres that are then subjected to the guidance of compositional intuition. Whether in Horse Lords or on his own as an increasingly prolific composer and performer, Eilbacher's work explores the capacity of structure, timing, and detail to pinpoint the elusive meeting place of perception of form.

This program is supported by the Embassy of Belgium - General Delegation of Flanders.


THYME is a project built on a synergy of two persons, brother and sister, and two instruments from different times and musical worlds, yet they complement each other with respect and appreciation.

Inspired by the experience of playing in a symphonic orchestra, folklore ensemble, just as much as listening to ambient and experimental music composers of the 20th century, the 20 minutes and 28 seconds long electro-acoustic composition uses the sound of a traditional instrument joined by an electronic soundscape that carries movement and physicality rather than clear structure or melody. The latter is present too, though - here the cimbalom is played in a way that combines traditional skills with personal emotion and unique artistic expression, creating an altogether stimulating piece of contemporary music.

Moving Spaces / AVA kolektiv (CZ)

AVA collective is a group of music producers, promoters and DJs residing in Brno, Czech Republic. For years, AVA has been bringing seemingly invisible urban spaces into life by concerts, performances and parties ranging from experimental techno to electro-acoustic improvisation or ambient music.
With Moving Spaces, AVA is taking one step further in their interest to invite listeners to interaction with a space they are visiting. An improvised performance made up with field recordings from different places around the world, using 4-channel sound setup, is inviting listeners to create their own unique experience by moving within the space. The body is a channel bringing different spaces together in unique time, unique movement and always a new, unique space.