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DATA ORCHESTRA Online workshop

Sonification in Sound Art and Music

April 2021

In Jiří Suchánek's workshop, the participants have acquainted with the principles of sonication and their use in art. It was created for experimental musicians, electro-technologists, programmers, but also those interested in a philosophy of new media, technology, data and society.

The workshop was focused the principles and history of sonication. Participants learnt how to look at the world through the prism of a hidden composition in ubiquitous structures. First, they have created their own data-sets, then dealt with algorithms converting selected datasets into sound structures in the Max / msp program. They have got acquainted with possibilities of sensors and microprocessors in scanning nature and society.

In his work, Jiří Suchánek combines sound, light, objects, mechanics, electronics + code with carefully selected spaces. He is focused on the sound, which is disseminated or articulated by other media, unexpected social situations or natural phenomena. He is devoted to creating permanent audiovisual installations, which he often places in non-traditional spaces (astronomical observatory, caves, footbridge, dunes, bushes…). It examines the durability of electronic media in more difficult climatic conditions and, at the same time. new forms of communication of a multimedia work.

For his installations, he composes music and develops his own software, which often acts as a sonication inter-domain mediator. It deals with the creation and development of non-traditional touch and non-touch musical instruments and programming in music creation. He likes to craft with iron, wood, clay, electronics and plastics ... He composes multi-channel electroacoustic compositions. He performs experimental electronic music based on sonication of atomic data an he received the Excellence in soundart @ sound design award for this project at the prestigious international conference klingt gut! Symposium on Sound in Hamburg 2018.

He has realized a number of long-term multimedia installations in public spaces, exhibited and performed at a number of international festivals, such as CTM, UNSOUND, ICAD, NEXT, NCCA, STIMUL, ENH, NIME, klingt gut !, Heart of Noise, etc. international centers STEIM, TIMET or Institute of Sonology.

Since 2018, he has been organizing international, listening evenings of SONIX acoustic music in Brno, which are focused on multi-channel electroacoustic compositions, mostly presented in the dark. Since 2009 he has been an assistant at the Cabinet of Audiovisual Technologies at Fava, where he teaches subjects related to sound art and audio technologies. He is currently completing his dissertation focused on sonication used in music composition and sound art and the aesthetics of data-mapping. Since 2020, he has been a teacher at JAMU in the new specialization of Composition of Electroacoustic Music.

Workshop Participants

Matěj Boček

Ladislava Hagara

Yuliya Herhalava

Karolína Hruboňová

Katarina Kadijević


8 nights - each night contains multiple dreams (those I remember, and those I don't remember - so it is not firmly bounded everything, as it stands only on amount of data I remember when I wake up). 

Data collected from plurality of dreams per night, with similar subjects and motives (based on mathematical associations) like labyrinths, long curly ways, similar shades, colours, the congruent topics and objects which were appearing. I attributed numbers to things and this is the place I collect data in dreams.

Natálie Klimšová

Martin Marek

Klára Odehnalová

Karolína Pešková

Tereza Sachrova

Monika Štolcová

Marek Štvrtňa

Marie Zandalkova

The project was realized thanks to the financial help of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Statutory City of Brno.