Borders of Experiment: Libramar

Thursday, 25 May, 2023 - 19:00

"Outer space mantras while flying in a frottage plane? Of course! The new Reisebüro Libramar will take care of you!"

The late May concert in the Borders of Experiment series features the Viennese improv duo Libramar, formed in 2017 from Vienna Academy of Fine Arts graduates Roy F. Culbertson III and Lucas Henao Serna. In their constantly evolving project, they use analog synthesizers, tape recorders and delays, percussion and field recordings to create complex hypnotic and gradually evolving soundscapes with elements of rhythm and noise that form an imaginary soundtrack to a sci-fi horror film, a sonic bricolage existing outside of time. One of their creative strategies is a specific real-time sampling, referred to by members of Libramar as frottage. In addition to their sound work, the duo Libramar has been organizing the concert series Dronau Canal in Vienna's Central Garden since 2019.

The concert will take place from 19:00 in the foyer of the House of Arts.

Organisation of concert: Ondřej Merta