Bernhard Rasinger: Schizophonia

Noise Kitchen Brno

Friday, 7 June, 2019 - 18:00

The lecture deals with the exercise to directly visualize electric signals as an counteract to the schizophonic principle, reduction as inspiration and artist collaboration on a modular level.


SCHIZOPHONIA - The decoupling of sound from its original source

Since Thomas´ Alva Edisons invention of the phonograph it is possible to record and playback sound. This technical innovation has led to schizophonic practice of sound experience on a mass level.

Bernhard Rasinger performs on a system that combines a modular synthesizer and state of the art laser technology to create a lucidly hypnotic audiovisual experience. (BR-Laser, Tearing light from sound, LaserBros.) Bernhard Rasinger is an engineer, visual sound artist and cofounder of the art association NewJörg Vienna. He is a regular guest at international experimental music festivals, music fairs and soldering workshops. Performances include Ars Electonica in Linz, Superbooth in Berlin, Modular Days Barcelona, Machines in Music in New York and Gigamodular Tokyo.

Collaborations with other artists include Owen Armour, Richard Devine, Vaclav Pelousek, Anna Samsoe, Robert Henke, Anna Sircova, HRTL, Kikkimore Collective, Denshikaimen…