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Woody Vasulka: The Brotherhood

Woody Vasulka: The Brotherhood

Titul: Woody Vasulka: The Brotherhood 

Autor: Ronald Christ


Vydavatel: NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo

Rok vydání: 1998

ISBN: 4757170009, 978-4757170001

Počet stran: 120

Best known for his innovative work in video and for his long-time collaboration with his wife Steina, Woody Vasulka now shows in The Brotherhood his work in interactive media installations. Combining military cast-off hardware with high-tech sensors, video, and pioneering computer software, The Brotherhood's gigantic, baffling, and frightening mechanisms stage a drama of the machines of war turned against the machinery of warfare. At the same time, The Brotherhood probes the dynamics of the male psyche within what Vasulka calls the "new epistemic space." A sensation at the InterCommunications Center in Tokyo last year, Vasulka's exhibit is captured here in inter-related color and black-and-white photographic compositions as well as in critical texts and a detailed interview with the artist.

Z textu nakladatele. / From the publisher's abstract.