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Video The Reflexive Medium

Autor: Yvonne Spielmann

Redaktoři: Anja Welle, Stan Jones, MIT Press

Překlad: Anja Welle, Stan Jones

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: MIT Press, 2008

Zdroj originálu: Michiganská univerzita

Digitalizováno: 26. leden 2010

ISBN: 0262195666, 9780262195669

Počet stran: 371

Video is an electronic medium, dependent on the transfer of electronic signals. Video signals are in constant movement, circulating between camera and monitor. This process of simultaneous production and reproduction makes video the most reflexive of media, distinct from both photography and film. Because it is processual and not bound to recording and the appearance of a "frameL, video shares properties with the computer. In this book, Yvonne Spielmann argues that video is not merely and intermediate stage between analog and digital but a medium in its own right. Video has metamrphosed from technology to medium, with a set of aesthetic languages that are specific to it, and current critical debates on new media still need to recognize this. 

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