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Video Art

Autor: Michael Rush 

Vydání: 2, ilustrované vydání, přepracované vydání

Vydavatel: Thames & Hudson, 2007

ISBN: 0500284873, 9780500284872

Počet stran: 256

This book is the most complete and up-to-date survey available of an art form born just over forty years ago and now ubiquitous internationally. Video art has moved from brief showings on tiny screens in alternative art spaces to dominance in international exhibitions and artisits events, in which vast video installations sometimes occupy factory-sized buildings or video projections take over the walls of an entire city block. It embraces all the significant art ideas and forms of recent times – from Abstract, Conceptual, Minimal, Performance and Pop to photography and film  and has beeen used creatively to extend, repeat, fast-forwards, slow down and speed up time. 

Z textu nakladatele. / From the publisher's abstract.