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The World of Digital Age

Autoři: Wolf Lieser, Tilman Baumgärtel

Přispěvatelé: Tilman Baumgärtel, Hans Dehlinger

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: h.f.ullmann, 2010

ISBN: 3833153458, 9783833153457

Počet stran: 276

The computer has changed the world, and art with it. Digital Art encompasses artworks made with a computer, a medium which lends completely new possibilites to the production of art. Digital art covers a broad spectrum, from plotter drawings and self-written programs, interactive installations, net art, and computer games, to media facades. This book provides the reader with an overview of the gendre, ranging from the 1960s until present times. Moreover, it also presents important positions and artists from all over the world. Curators, artists, and representatives of art institutions have their say in short essays, which give us different perspectives on the topic. On the encolsed CD, you will find 12 examples of animated software works and digital films, made by renowned artists. 

Galerist Wolf Lieser has dedicated himself to digital art and is one of the most competent international experts of the genre.

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