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The Emergence of Video Processing Tools Television Becoming Unglued

Redaktoři: Kathryn High, Sherry Miller Hocking, Mona Jimenez

Vydání: ilustrované vydání, dotisk

Vydavatel: Intellect Books, 2014

ISBN: 184150663X, 9781841506630

Počet stran: 442

The Emergence of Video Processing Tools presents stories of the development of early video tools and system designed and built by artists and technologists during the late 1960s and 1970s. Split over two volumes, the contributors examine the intersection of art and science and look at collaborations among inventors, designers, and artists trying to create new video tools to capture and manipulate images in fascinating and revolutionary ways. Volume One includes the section 'Histories' and 'People and Networks' that look at the historic, aesthetic, and cultural context of custom-made video devices. The contributors include 'video pioneers' who have been active since the emergence of the aesthetic, and technologists who continue to design, build, and hack media tools. The book also looks at contemporary tool markers and the relationship between these new tools and the past. Video and media production is a growing area of interest in art, and this collection will be an indispensable guide to its origins and its future. 

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