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Systems (Documents of Contemporary Art)

Redaktor: Edward A. Shanken

Spolupracovník: Edward A. Shanken

Vydavatel: Whitechapel Gallery, 2015

ISBN: 0854882340, 9780854882342

Počet stran: 239

In the 1960s many artists, composers, musicians and architects began to embrace open systems that emphasize organism over mechanism, dynamic processes of interaction among elements, and the participant's role as an inextricable part of aesthetic experience. This anthology traces this radical shift from its roots in systems and information theories, cybernetics and artificial intelligence to current cutting-edge science. It also explores the ways in which systems-based art projects can create self-generating entities and networks, alter our experience of time, change the configurations of social relations, cross cultural borders, and interact with threatened ecosystems. 

Z textu nakladatele. / From the publisher's abstract.