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No Internet, No Art

Autoři: Melanie Bühler, Geert Lovink, Kenneth Goldsmith, Karen Archey, Brad Troemel, Ben Vickers

Redaktoři: Melanie Bühler, Annet Dekker

Autor textu k fotografiím: Peter Weibel, Christiane Paul, Domenico Quaranta, Harry Burke, Elvia Wilk

Přispěvatelé: Andreas Broeckmann, Adam Cruces, Aram Bartholl

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: Onomatopee, 2019

ISBN: 9491677969, 9789491677960

Počet stran: 416

Today it has become increasingly difficult to find a person or an object without some kind of connection to the internet. No Internet, No Art is dedicated to exploring what this situation entails with respect to one cultural field in particular: art. This anthology forms both the culmination and a continuation of a series of public events titled Lunch Bytes – Thinking about Art and Digital Culture, held in Washington D.C., which invited artists and experts from different fields to discuss their work in relation to this overaching theme. By opening up the often narrowly-defined discursive field of "post-internet", artistic practices are examined theamtically within the larger context of digital culture. As such, this athology offers valuable new contributions to the fields of art history, media studies, philosophy, curatorial studies, and design.

Z textu nakladatele. / From the publisher's abstract.