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New Media in the Classroom: Rethinking Primary Literacy

New Media in the Classroom: Rethinking Primary Literacy

Titul:  New Media in the Classroom: Rethinking Primary Literacy 

Autor: Cathy Burnett, Guy Merchant


Vydavatel: Sage, New Delhi

Rok vydání: 2018

ISBN: 1526420856, 978-1526420855

Počet stran: 160

The rise of new media technologies has changed the ways in which children engage with texts and this has implications for literacy provision in schools. Drawing on research exploring new media practices within and outside school, this book explains and encourages classroom activity that makes purposeful and appropriate use of these literacies and is underpinned by a set of guiding principles for teaching literacy in contemporary times.

Key topics include:

  • Building on children’s experiences in and out of school 
  • Supporting children to draw on multiple modes and media to develop and convey meaning 
  • Developing a responsive approach to literacy provision 
  • Investigating ways of encouraging collaboration through and around digital media 
  • Encouraging children to use digital media safely and advantageously 

This is essential reading for primary English or elementary language arts modules on initial teacher education courses including university-based and schools-based routes into teaching and also for current teachers wishing to enhance their own literacy teaching.

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