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Autor: Chris Salter

Spolupracovník: Peter Sellars

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: MIT Press, 2010

ISBN: 0262195887, 9780262195881

Počet stran: 460

This ambitious and comprehensive book explores technology's influence on artistic performance practices in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In Entangled, Chris Salter shows that technologies, from the mechanical to the computational – from a "ballet of objects and lights" staged by Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in 1917 to comperoary technologically enabled "responsive environments" – have been entangled with performance across a wide range of disciplines. Salter examines the rich and extensive history of performance experimentation in theater, music, dance, the visual and media arts, architecture, and other fields; explores the political, social, and economic context for the adoption of technological practices in art; and shows that these practices have a set of common histories despite their disciplinary borders. 

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