Bára Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek


úterý, 10 prosinec, 2019 - 18:00

Projekt Datatata and its development. Discussion. Looking forward to your remarks.

Image, picture, dates. Action, performance, event, dates. Object, space, scan, data. Concept, analysis, sense, data. Text, narrative, analysis, data. Video, picture, data. Motion, sensor, data. Color, data. Sense, data. Space, data. Story, data. Process, data. Game, data. Conflict, data. Universe, data. War, dates. Touch, data. Data, data, data, data. Datatata. There is no data. Data is virtual. Data is potential. Data is being mined. Data is needed. Data embraces everything. Data converges. Data recapitulate. Data does not capitulate. Data evaluates. Data competitions. Data display. Data speaks. Data clarifies. Data accumulates. The data remains. They don't love data. Data doesn't stink. Data does not interfere. Open data. The data is related.