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Art of Digital Age

Autor: Bruce Wands

Vydání: ilustrované vydání, dotisk

Vydavatel: Thames & Hudson, 2007

ISBN: 0500286299, 9780500286296

Počet stran: 223

The impact of digital technology on the production of art has been profound. Traditional activities such as painting ad sculpture have been radically transformed by digital techniques and media, while entirely new forms, such as net art, digital installation and virtual reality, have emerged as recognized artistic practices. Digital artists themselves are often at the forefront of creative experimentation, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring some of the most urgent social and political issues facing humankind today. 

This, the first full-size illustrated survey of digital art, presents the work of over one hundred artists from around the world. Following an introduction that traces the history of digital art, the book goes on to consider all its major genres, from digital imaging, installation and animation to the more nebulous worlds of software and net art. Each chapter illustrates key works by both established and emerging digures, while personal statements from the artists offer revealing insights into their inspirations and methods. A conclusion speculates on what the future might bring for this rapidly changing art form. 

With a comprehensive reference section that includes a year-by-year timeline of breakthroughs in digital art, an extensive bibliography, a list of artists' websites and online projects, and a glossary of digital terms, Art of Digital Age is an essential guide for everyone interested in culture and creativity in the digital world. 

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