Art and Technology Beyond Disruptive Innovation: The Catechistic Demands of Creative AI and Digital Ledger Technologies in the New Tech Economy

úterý, 24 květen, 2022 - 16:00

Srdečně zveme na veřejnou přednášku prof. Spratt, držitelky doktorátu z Princeton University a kurátorky první výstavy Umění umělé inteligence.

The use of artificial intelligence—propelled by deep learning techniques—to analyze, curate, and even generate digital images is having a profound influence on visual culture, one that well exceeds Jacques Derrida’s anticipations of the effects of technology on society as he described them in Archive Fever. While regulation around emerging technologies such as AI is being formulated across the globe and with much urgency, a concept of “tech ethics” is being espoused by the leading technology companies that is imposing a simplistic moralistic framework onto corporate policies—often under the blindingly naïve rubric of “AI for Good” 2 programs. In my lecture, I will rather foster a nuanced and critical discourse—focused on AI applications in the visual arts—that takes consideration of the points of convergence around the current emerging technology debates in media studies, art history, experimental artistic practice, data science ethics, hermeneutics, and philosophy. Recognizing that the influence that AI has on all images is radically shaping our contemporary visual culture, this course asks students to consider what is at stake for its future, as laws governing the use of AI on images are still in a formative stage. Although consensus on the relationship of art and AI remain nebulous, AI art—in all of its radical manifestations—may well serve as a paradigm for policy makers.

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Jazyk přednášky: angličtina 

Přednášející: prof. Spratt (kurátorka první výstavy umění umělé inteligence)

Místo konání: Masarykova univerzita, Ústav hudební vědy, učebna N21