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Ars Elevtronica – Facing the Future

Redaktor: Timothy Druckrey

Vydání: ilustrované vydání

Vydavatel: MIT Press, 1999

ISBN: 0262041766, 9780262041768

Počet stran: 449

For more than two decades, Ars Electronica has maintained a pivotal position in the history and development od electronic media by linking artistic practice and critical theory in an ongoing discourse on the effects of digital media on creativity and culture. 

From the outset, the Ars Electronica Festival and symposium have brought together experts in the sciences, philosophy, sociology, and art to debate and to encounter the rich possibilities of computers as fundamental to the future – of art and no less of culture itself. 

The vivid evolution of the works thus presented is documented in a series of publications that stans as crucial to any clear understanding of media art. 

Ars Electronica: Facing the Future is a critical encounter with the works and thinking that have emerged over the past two decades. Drawing on the abundant and inventive resources of the publications and archive, this volume brings together many of the essential contributions that form the core of a contemporary art long dismissed as too technical or inaccessible. 

Ars Electronica: Facing the Future is the first book in the series Electronic Culture: History, Theory, Practice, edited by Timothy Druckrey. 

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